My hybrid poetry book is based on a true story about two friends named Nemesis and Foe and the words they throw at each other. Told through prose, poetry, emails and (eventually) illustrations, their little epic takes place in Spokane WA and Japan. I'm looking for a publisher to bring it to the masses. Thank you!



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“I feel lacking in maldad,” Foe says. “Tell me how you romp dear example of perfect evil?” Dearest Enemy: A Friendship


Sarah Dzida (that’s me!) lives in Los Angeles. She’s a user experience designer who works with startups, agencies, nonprofits and enterprises to build innovative digital interfaces. She’s written magazine articles, theater reviews, essays and martial arts books. Find her fiction on . Find her poetry and one time in an at the Architecture + Design Museum in 2012. Her creative nonfiction has appeared in and . She's working on her second novel.


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